A Future for Fanny.

Following a few nail-biting weeks, I’ve just heard the two wonderful words which my husband never got to hear.

All clear.

Thank you to everyone who helped to drag me along the darkest path I’ve ever had to walk alone – in particular to The Fanny Pack, and to so many others, whose kindnesses will never be forgotten.

Thank you to friends, and strangers, who have joined me here on the blog, and supported the boys and me practically, at home or in hospital.

There is a new life at the end of the tunnel, and my wonderful, brave, much-missed husband is holding the light which guides us there. He always will.

Life, Part Three, starts here. (Well, when I’ve handed back my radiotherapy gown and finished setting fire to my wig.)

Love Fanny x

Chemo accoutrements, no longer required.

8 thoughts on “A Future for Fanny.

  1. pjdavidson says:

    Best wishes to you, Girl! After what you’ve been through, I know you’re going to have a helluva good time every day for the rest of your life even if you’re doing a mundane task…..enjoy!! (((Big hug)))

  2. Janet T says:

    Fabulous news! I’ve read a few of your blogs over the last year and this is the one your readers have all been waiting for. Best wishes for next year’s reconstruction.

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