Paying it Forward.

Here are some simple but effective ways in which you can help to pay good things forward. You’ll reap the rewards. Try it. It’ll barely hurt at all (unless you choose the marathon option.)

The Rucksack Project – Go to charity shops, get a rucksack, sleeping bag, flask (fill with hot soup), spoon, gloves, hat, fleece, undies, socks and extra food, take it out and give it to a homeless person.

Operation Christmas Child – Fill a shoebox with toys and gifts. It will be the greatest gift some kids across the world will ever receive. Check out the website for more information on what to give, and how to get involved in your area.

Give away stuff you don’t need. Don’t spend hours listing it on eBay (unless the proceeds will go to charity.) My sons were trying to save all their pocket money for a model Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl ship, RRP £200. Ridiculous. A few weeks later, we encouraged them to give away some of their old toys to charity, and days after found the very ship they wanted in a different charity shop for £10.

Give to a food bank, or support organisations such as the Trussell Trust – Many churches collect at Harvest time, but most supermarkets have a container somewhere in the store where you can donate tins and packets of food. If your local store doesn’t, ask them why not.

Grow your hair, then donate it to people with cancer. Donate your blood. Just give what you can. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, but it could be a matter of life and death for somebody else.

Run a marathon, or set yourself a challenge. Even walking 5k is a bigger challenge for some than running a marathon is for others. Get out there and do it. Why can’t you? Of course you have time.

I could go on. Perhaps I will another time, but in the meantime… Be kind. Be thoughtful. Love.

You reap what you sow.

Love Fanny x